7Zip Command Tutorial

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To Install 7Zip in the VPS or in your linux:

sudo apt-get install p7zip

If the output pointed that p7zip is already installed in your system, then you need to install 7z archiver as a command line utility. i.e full version. So, install the p7zip-full package.

sudo apt-get install p7zip-full

How to create an archive using 7zip

Syntax of Archive:

7z 'a' archivenamewithextenstion directoryname

To archive using 7zip you need to give the ‘a’ command.

7z a www.7z www

How to Extract an archive using 7zip

Syntax of Extract:

7z 'e' archivename_with_extension
7z e www.7z

How to list details of an archive using 7zip

List the details:

7z 'l' archivename_with_extension


7z l www.7z

How to test the integrity of an archive in 7zip

Syntax for doing so:

7z t archivename_with_extension.7z foldername


7z t www.7z www

How to update an existing archive with name file using 7zip

Syntax for doing so:

7z u archivename_with_extension foldername


7z u www.7z www

Delete a file from the archive using 7zip

Its a good practice to check the archive first by listing all the items

7z l www.7z

Then we have to delete the file we want.

Syntax for doing so:

7z d arcivename_with_extension file/directoryname -r


7z d www.7z bdpathshala -r


These are the most commonly used 7zip command. Let me know if you need any help regarding this by commenting. Or share any command you use most with us! Thank you for reading.

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