Top 12 WordPress Plugins You Need To Have In Your Blog

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Screenshot_1When it comes to building your own blogging world, then you must accept that WordPress is the best platform. WordPress has already become one of the most favored blog podiums for owners, authors and publishers.

There are plenty of plugins created by inventive developers and that’s the reason why WordPress carries on getting better. These plugins help you to increase the functionality of your blog or website.

So I am sharing my most preferred plugins here with you so that you can utilize them well.

  1. Google XML Sitemaps Plugin


This is a great plugin for the people who don’t want to get into extra coding. This allows you to create an XML sitemap and you can add this to your website or blog. Surely, this is awesome for the reason that it assists you in SEO. This plugin makes all the search engines to index the site. This plugin certainly saves your time.

2.       W3 Total Cache Plugin

Screenshot_3This is another important add-on if you want your site to be a lot faster. W3 Total Cache boosts up the performance of your blog with the help of caching A to Z from databases. This helps the readers a lot. There are so many websites which use this great plugin.

3.       SEO Friendly Images Plugin

Worried about implementing proper SEO? Then this is the plugin you were waiting for! This plugin creates the title tags for the images you insert every time on your site. You don’t have to worry about having the perfect tags as this plugin is going to take care of it from now on. When you have finished your uploading, the plugin will provide you with the automatic tags.

  1. All in One SEO Pack


If you are serious about your website and want to increase the traffic, then this is a must have. This optimizes the blog posts for search engines. This has a very cool user friendly design. The plugin creates titles, description, meta-tags, and other SEO functions in an automatic way.

  1. WP DB Backup

Backups are really important. It’s a rare case that your site might get hacked or goes down but still if you don’t want to be in the danger zone, and then this is a great plugin for you. This will keep you safe forever.

  1. Gravity Forms Plugin

Gravity forms have created this terrific plugin which is not only great but also perfect for using forms in your site. The plugin will help you make usable forms in just a few minutes. This is quite simple and you can choose what you want in them.

7.      Feedburner Plugin

We all know how essential feeds are. If you want an effectual feed stream in your site, then this is a life savior. This is a trendy web management plugin for custom RSS feeds.

8.      WP Greet Box


Greet your visitors in a warm manner. They will feel comfortable and would like to visit your blog once again! This allows you to put a greeting message on the top of each post.

9.       Broken Link Checker Plugin

This plugin checks all your posts and analyze them to find out broken links and images as well. This should be on your wishlist!

  1. Popup Domination

Do you want to build a list? Then create a professional and magnicificent lightbox popup. This tool is for you if you don’t like to be traditional.

11.   OIO Publisher Plugin

Photo Credit : Shout Me Loud


This is a fantastic advertising campaign plugin. Where do you want them to appear? Take help from the plugin and know the answer!



12. Element Pack Pro by Element Pack

If you are using elementor in your blog and looking for some extra essential addons for elementor, you should try element pack. We have got a special coupon for you with 20% discounts ( You can use it with any other coupon given by them). The coupon is: MIZPRESS. This is a paid addon plugin but it worth it.

Okay, I hope you found the plugins useful. Please let me know if you have used something more useful and essential for a blog. A comment is appreciated.

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