How to manually install WordPress 4 or 4+ version

Hello Everybody, I have made a video tutorial on How to install WordPress in your server without using any one click installer. That is, manually how you can create a database and set  it up to work the the WordPress CMS file. The reason behind me making this video is, sometime installer is not good and it opens some security black-hole.  Plus you won’t have freedom of choosing the name of the database and the prefix of tables. There are lots more benefits of installing in manual way which if I narrate would be a long written article. Let’s see this visually. This is not a famous five minute installation video yet it is short and sweet. It will make you a installation ninja in WordPress. Let’s dive in:

I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know by commenting if you faced any issue or have any question.

Complete Featured image or Post thumbnails guide for WordPress theme developer

Another name of featured images is post thumbnails. This is certainly a great feature in WordPress themes. In today’s world, Church themes, WordPress photography themes, restaurant themes and many other themes support post thumbnails. Now, we are going to show you how this thing works in WordPress.

When the feature was brought in WordPress version 2.9, people used to call it post thumbnails. Later on in the upgraded versions, it was called featured image.

How to Start?

Post thumbnails or featured images are theme elements. Genesis and most other themes support featured images by default. A simple path to discover whether your theme is compatible with the featured image is to check the post editor. Go to the “new post” section and scroll down to check the existence of a meta box. The name of the box is featured images. It will appear on the right of the screen. Continue reading “Complete Featured image or Post thumbnails guide for WordPress theme developer”

Top 20 Wireframing and Mockup Tools for Developers Plus 9 bonus

I guess you already know, wireframing is the key to efficient UX development for mobile and web applications.

Wireframing tools help in making a SaaS app or website quite easier. They also allow you to strip the product down. Plus they focus on user interactivity. Mockups and wireframes are critical tools for a prototype’s functionality to clients as they provide an uncluttered visual to various designs.

There are more than thousands wireframing tools on the market. This software can be utilized for wireframes and also full prototypes.

Continue reading “Top 20 Wireframing and Mockup Tools for Developers Plus 9 bonus”

5 WordPress Book That You Should Read To Be a Theme Developer

WordPress is an online website creation platform. It’s the easiest website CMS (Content Management System) available.

If you are a beginner and would like to make an effort to be a great WordPress developer, then there are five WordPress books that you must read. Here I am suggesting you some books which are the mixtures of beginner level documents, intermediate set and advanced skills. All of these books are going to teach you WordPress in the most remarkable way. Continue reading “5 WordPress Book That You Should Read To Be a Theme Developer”

Domain Authority Guide for Beginner

Although Domain Authority score is not a recent concept in SEO, there are some bloggers who still don’t understand it very well.  Now this will provide you with a guideline where you can learn about DA and some more unknown terms.

Domain authority is certainly one of the most important factors to define your website’s rank and performance in search engine. In the last decade, a website used to get priority on the basis of page-rank. But nowadays, DA plays a great role in ranking.

Today I am going to share with you the basics of domain authority. Continue reading “Domain Authority Guide for Beginner”