How to Create a Single Post RSS Feed in WordPress

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Due to the increasing popularity of the blogging platform, WordPress has now moved more into a full featured CMS (content management system). For this reason it has enriched itself with lots of cool features. Many extra ordinary features have been added that have made it the choice not only for bloggers but for marketers, search engine optimizers and for businesses.

But there’s been a feature that everyone has been asking for having in WordPress since about 2005- the ability to get an RSS feed for a single specific post.

Reasons to Get a Single Post RSS Feed

The reason is quite simple, being able to send your post out as it’s own feed to RSS aggregation sites can provide you with easy, automatic backlinks that spread on their own. Even you can make a secret Newsletter using any feed subscription services. And it seemed for a while, that this was something you just couldn’t do unless you wanted to get into the guts of WordPress’s PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor – a scripting language) insides and recode a few things.

But before you roll up your sleeves for that task, let me introduce  a secret  to you that I just discovered some minutes ago…. There’s an easy way you can seek from  WordPress to give you that single post RSS feed without recoding anything.

Are you ready?

The Single Post RSS Feed URL Formula:


So that would make this blog post’s RSS Feed URL the following:

If you are using the default permalink structure on your blog instead of a pretty-link URL, you can also do it this way:


For example using this post again:


You have an RSS feed for your single post itself, and not the post comments feed.

The amount of content from the post included in the single post feed will generally only be an excerpt of the post even if you have your Settings > Reading settings set to show the full text of the post, but for RSS aggregators, that excerpt and the title should be enough.

I hope you enjoyed. Please feel free to comment any question if you have problem doing it. I appreciate your shares in Social networks. Sharing is Caring!

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