Top Myths You Need to Avoid to Earn Online

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At this very moment earning online is a hot trend on the internet. Most of the people are getting wrong ideas about this topics from various sources. I want to clear some facts before you want to start your earning online venture. I am not trying to scare you but I am going to be real and honest to tell what is perfect to do. So here are my myths:

It is very easy to earn online and you can do it without any effort!

This is the biggest wrong idea ! If you are trying to think that you are going to earn more than a service holder or a businessman by not doing anything that you are absolutely wrong and its not realistic to be honest.Whatever method of earning from the internet you use to earn online, you have to invest your timr and brain even knowledge to do that!

Earning online is not for everyone!

This is another wrong idea. There are lots of earning types you can use to earn online. There is work like programming, data entry, graphic designing, affiliate marketing, selling your own products online etc. It is possible to work for any educated person to work online. But it is also true that, whatever you want to do you have to be expert on that. The more expert you are the more you will be earning!

Paid to Click(PTC) is the easiest method to earn online

PTC is the method where you go to a certain website and you click the provided link then you earn certain amount per click. Its true that there is some PTC site which really offer this. But it is not the same as its been publicize to you!There will be a pre-defined limit to click. And in most case you will hear that the have various complain not to pay to the clicker. So it can’t be a best earning online option.

You need to have your own website to earn online!

You don’t need to have a website to earn online. In fact you can do freelancing without any website at all. You do not need to go to the hassle of buying domain and hosting and designing a website to earn online. But yes! it is the best practice to have your website if you want to earn decent.

It is not possible to work without credit card or PayPal

Its true in some cases. If you have credit card or PayPal it is easier to pay or get paid online. But you will find lots of people working without this.You can work using other methods also.

Its good to have lots of website with lots of different Adsense account.

People easily get in the wrong thinking that they can easily create multiple adsense account to put in their website. It is a wrong way. Google going to catch you some how.If you are being caught then you are out! You will be banned.

There are lots of myths I am trying to make a small post. So for now, be happy with this. Please comment if you know a myth and answer us what to do. It has been written focusing the new comers.

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