How to manually install WordPress 4 or 4+ version

Hello Everybody, I have made a video tutorial on How to install WordPress in your server without using any one click installer. That is, manually how you can create a database and set  it up to work the the WordPress CMS file. The reason behind me making this video is, sometime installer is not good and it opens some security black-hole.  Plus you won’t have freedom of choosing the name of the database and the prefix of tables. There are lots more benefits of installing in manual way which if I narrate would be a long written article. Let’s see this visually. This is not a famous five minute installation video yet it is short and sweet. It will make you a installation ninja in WordPress. Let’s dive in:

I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know by commenting if you faced any issue or have any question.

Website Lists That Can Help You to Boost Your Website’s SEO

Hey guys what’s up? I hope you are having a great time. I am Mizan from my blog MizPress , welcoming you to my next article here. This one is related to Search Engine Optimization in short SEO. I am going to reveal with you guys some websites and tools that I use to do SEO for all my websites and also for my clients. I hope you are going to enjoy this one. Using these websites and tools you can easily get any websites SEO related datas and information to use in your own projects. It is also going to help you to understand SEO quite easily. Okay, here we go –

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oDesk Skill Test – Helps You to Get Hired!

If you are a new oDesk contractor, then my suggestion would be to give various oDesk skill tests that you are expert of and try to bid regularly after that.  It will increase your potential to be get hired.  Giving the skill tests also mean that you can bid on more projects than without giving any tests at all. If you have a basic new account you will only have 2 bids quota per week. Skill tests can increase it to upto 20! Continue reading “oDesk Skill Test – Helps You to Get Hired!”

Top Myths You Need to Avoid to Earn Online

At this very moment earning online is a hot trend on the internet. Most of the people are getting wrong ideas about this topics from various sources. I want to clear some facts before you want to start your earning online venture. I am not trying to scare you but I am going to be real and honest to tell what is perfect to do. So here are my myths:

It is very easy to earn online and you can do it without any effort!

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oDesk – Beginners Guide (Only for Newbies!)

UPDATE: oDesk is now Upwork!

I hope all of you who came to read my article already heard of oDesk a lot. But  what it is and why this site is used I think you probably don’t know. Even if you know you don’t have proper guideline to start working here though you are full of interest to do so. I am going to write this post only for you guys. Please read it very carefully. If you learn something from it I will be very glad.

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