AdSense Policies: A beginner’s guide


It’s important that you familiarize yourself with the AdSense program policies. The more you know about their  policies, the more likely it is that all sites and pages where you display Google ads will fully comply with these policies.

We have highlighted some of the most important and commonly violated policies below. By following them it will help keep your account in good standing: Continue reading “AdSense Policies: A beginner’s guide”

How TO Use Microsoft Word TO Publish Directly To Your WordPress Site


While writing in WordPress are you missing Microsoft Word? No more missing, you can write in MS Word and publish directly in WordPress.

You can easily write in MS word and copy them in WordPress editor, but the biggest reason to post directly from Word is to take advantage of the impressive graphics capabilities it offers. Image manipulation, Smart Art, impressive graph, charts MS Word has a lot of offer. Continue reading “How TO Use Microsoft Word TO Publish Directly To Your WordPress Site”

4 Rules you must know about WordPress Logo and Trademark


WordPress is a high demanding fast growing ecosystem for business where new business is getting started day by day. Many companies are earning million by offering WordPress based service and products. If you are a freelancer or entrepreneur, thinking of starting WordPress based business, then there are 4 rules for you regarding WordPress trademark and logo.

Continue reading “4 Rules you must know about WordPress Logo and Trademark”

The Debate between www vs non-www version WordPress website SEO setup


A common question hits many of our minds often –why we use www in site URLs?

What is the difference between www and non-www in the site URL? What will happen if you change your site URL and which one is better SEO? In this article you will get all your answers.

Basically, there is no difference between www and non-www URL. It is absolutely a personal preference.


WWW vs Non-WWW- SEO Benefits Continue reading “The Debate between www vs non-www version WordPress website SEO setup”

How to manually install WordPress 4 or 4+ version

Hello Everybody, I have made a video tutorial on How to install WordPress in your server without using any one click installer. That is, manually how you can create a database and set  it up to work the the WordPress CMS file. The reason behind me making this video is, sometime installer is not good and it opens some security black-hole.  Plus you won’t have freedom of choosing the name of the database and the prefix of tables. There are lots more benefits of installing in manual way which if I narrate would be a long written article. Let’s see this visually. This is not a famous five minute installation video yet it is short and sweet. It will make you a installation ninja in WordPress. Let’s dive in:

I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know by commenting if you faced any issue or have any question.