Better, Successful Life

When we stumble onto something and we are barefoot we might hurt our nails in such a way that it blows our nail off. It hurts like the nothing that we can bare but eventually, it heals like it is newborn and perfect. Love and struggle in life are like that. When we love somebody, when we broke up it feels like a broken nail. The pain is unbearable. But at the end of the time with the proper loveable person and healing process, we get healed. We even get better love most of the time. Again when we struggle in life for something, we think it is the end of everything, but with God’s power and plan and our supplication and proper action, we overcome and thrive towards the ultimate success. Happiness is a gift. So, don’t spoil it by overthinking bad thing and attracting negativity.

But trust is like Glass.When a glass shattered, it broke into many pieces. Even if we join them there keep some marks. So breaking heart isn’t good but still okay sometimes. Breaking someone’s trust is miserable. Never do that.

May God make all of us be honest, trustworthy, loveable and prosperous in life.

-Better, Successful Life-

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