How to manually install WordPress 4 or 4+ version

Hello Everybody, I have made a video tutorial on How to install WordPress in your server without using any one click installer. That is, manually how you can create a database and set  it up to work the the WordPress CMS file. The reason behind me making this video is, sometime installer is not good and it opens some security black-hole.  Plus you won’t have freedom of choosing the name of the database and the prefix of tables. There are lots more benefits of installing in manual way which if I narrate would be a long written article. Let’s see this visually. This is not a famous five minute installation video yet it is short and sweet. It will make you a installation ninja in WordPress. Let’s dive in:

I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know by commenting if you faced any issue or have any question.

How to make WordPress theme WooCommerce Compatible

Last week, I was working on a client’s website that they have built couple of years ago using WordPress. My Job was to integrate WooCommerce so that they can sell their service using that particular design. I quickly grab the job and then all of a sudden when I installed and done all the basics for WooCommerce a very eternal thing happened! The whole website broke up in clattered pieces!

How to make WordPress theme WooCommerce Compatible
How to make WordPress theme WooCommerce Compatible

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Hello world! Welcome To MizPress

Mizanur Rahaman Mizan

I am Mizanur Rahaman Mizan – A dreamer from south east Asia. My country that makes me always feel proud is Bangladesh, a country with lots of potential to be a best social and economically advanced country in the world.

I am a computer science and engineering post graduate. My major interest is software engineering specially web based application. I am employee in a company named TechnoCrews (actually I have founded this little ITES firm). I am also an educationist and I lecture Computer Science and Engineering and also Information Technology related subjects at UITS. Continue reading “Hello world! Welcome To MizPress”