How to access full source code of an old commit

We use GitHub and Bitbucket for version controlling of our any web project and theme at TechnoCrews. Once in a while, we need to fully revert back to any web project. Sometimes, it is quite impossible to track an old commit after a longer period of time. So, what we do if we want to revert back to the old full source code of a project? How to access full source code of an old commit then? Well, there is no short cut way but it is possible to do it! Continue reading “How to access full source code of an old commit”

UI design guidelines you’ll find hard-to-ignore for your responsive website project

When it comes to creating a website for multiple devices and browser, a lot need to be considered right from the scratch. User Interface design is one such prime point of concern that must be paid attention to, during the responsive website development process. Thanks to the continuous efforts of the global web development community, we have an easy access to unlimited solutions, tools and best practices that can allow us in coding a responsive design with complete ease. Today, through this post, I intend to introduce you to some of the simple tips that would allow you to design the UI of your responsive website in utmost professional and user-oriented format. So, let’s dig deeper into these handy tips that will help you in delivering a responsive website that contains a brilliant User Interface(UI). Continue reading “UI design guidelines you’ll find hard-to-ignore for your responsive website project”

Top 10 WordPress Magazine Theme of October 2013

As a Freelance WordPress Designer – Developer, I always work with lots of theme from various theme marketplace. Most of them I have to recommend to my clients which I usually charge for choosing for them. But for my reader I am going to share my choice of best WordPress Magazine them- in fact I will share only top 10 WordPress Magazine Theme till October 2013. I am not going to confuse you by sharing over 30-100 themes in a post. I believe you still gonna be confused in choosing which one to choose 😛 . Because this list will be a very neat hand picked one. Okay let us begin.

Top 10 WordPress Theme of October 2013

Continue reading “Top 10 WordPress Magazine Theme of October 2013”

Hello world! Welcome To MizPress

Mizanur Rahaman Mizan

I am Mizanur Rahaman Mizan – A dreamer from south east Asia. My country that makes me always feel proud is Bangladesh, a country with lots of potential to be a best social and economically advanced country in the world.

I am a computer science and engineering post graduate. My major interest is software engineering specially web based application. I am employee in a company named TechnoCrews (actually I have founded this little ITES firm). I am also an educationist and I lecture Computer Science and Engineering and also Information Technology related subjects at UITS. Continue reading “Hello world! Welcome To MizPress”