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Even though the Oyster is watertight, it is not when it needs to be wound up. To solve this problem, Wilsdorf is developing an already existing idea and developing the first self-winding timepiece. This progressive thinking and inventiveness is realized in 1931 and makes clear again what Rolex stands for. In the words of Andre J. Heiniger former CEO of Rolex "Rolex is evolutionary not revolutionary". And this way of thinking ensures that Rolex is the first watchmaker company to receive class certification from all four major observatories, namely, Kew, Geneva, Besancon and Neuchatel.

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reference 1655 on the guarantee paper Here's the calendar for the year of 1978 to 1979 So you can tell the watch was probably sold around that period There are two receipts Let’s have a look at the white one first This is the original purchase receipt from Rolex Hong Kong Limited The price was HKD 2,212 back in 1979 It’s really betterbuywatches cheap Wow! Its value has increased by 200 times nowadays! Because this watch came in full set Some more information from this invoice The watch is sold in 1979 The buyer's name is Mr Hall The price was HKD 2,212 which is very cheap Here’s the stamp from Rolex Hong Kong I believe this is the official receipt from Rolex boutique And that was the official retail price As you may know there are a lot of authorized retailers for Rolex in Hong Kong but this receipt was issued by Rolex Hong Kong Limited which is comparatively rare And here’s this green paper This is a service receipt from Rolex Singapore dated 3 years after purchasing.

You look great. You feel great, right? I feel good right now, yeah. You take care of yourself? Yes, I'm taking care of myself now. Now, what do you get for your birthday? You have lots of things, but do you give hints of things that you want from people? I usually get asked what I want. It's always the same thing. It's sneakers, or a bottle of wine, or a watch. I was always admiring your watch collection, by the way. I like watches, you like watches. Yes. That's a nice watch you have there. That's a nice watch, too. This is a nice watch.

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The introduction of the automatic date mechanism in 1945 marks the 40th anniversary of Rolex and is introduced as caliber 740. Like many modern watches now, Datejust, which stands for date just in time, has the date on the place where the three state. This is namely the first thing you see when the watch comes from under a long-sleeved shirt. In the same year, Rolex receives the 50,000th official test certificate from Bienne.

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hi welcome to watch wise today what we're going to do is hello and welcome to watch wise what we're going to do is expand on a previous video so previously we did a video on buying luxury watches advice and tips from the insight if you haven't seen that video make sure you've subscribed and check it out in that video I basically said that I believe you should buy a watch based on value for money rather than buying as an investment and said I would expand on that so this video is actually about if you are buying a watch as an investment or a watch to flip okay so with that obviously it ties into the fact that I did by watching the past and basically had the watch for two years for free as the title suggests how I actually went about that was I was first getting into watch industry and I really wanted a luxury watch to wear obviously I went down that's old familiar rabbit hole of first books you watch I wanted was a Rolex and to be honest with you I couldn't really afford it at the time so what I did was I did a bit of research had a look at what I really liked as well and I bought a blue dial datejust with the jubilee bracelet roman numerals that I thought was a really beautiful watch at the time and I made sure I did some research got it a very good price and because I couldn't really afford it at the time I actually put it

Designed in collaboration with a Navy Mariner... the world’s first day-date GMT timepiece. Its patented quick set buttons independently adjust the GMT hand... while tracking three time zones. Its luminosity navigates the darkest nights... with toughness for the roughest seas. The Roadmaster Marine GMT. Pre-order now at a limited-time price.

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