How to Organize Your Websites That You Regularly Visit

Hello my dear friends. Today I am going to actually post a video post for you guys where I am going to show how to organize your website that you regularly visit. In this way, you can bookmark and take all the sites to anywhere and in any pc. It will help to make you a great blogger to get ideas from different blogger. You don’t have to forget any blog name or address that you love if you follow this simple tricks 🙂

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Cache Your WordPress Website For Faster Site Load Times

WordPress is a CMS that powers more than 60 million websites (According to the claim of, and it’s by far the most popular blogging CMS platform in the world. The WordPress interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, the platform dynamic and highly extendable, which makes it perfect for developers, webmasters, and end-users.

For all its awesomeness, however, WordPress (like all content management systems) can face issues with the site loading times. Without getting into too much technical issue, that’s primarily because so many objects, functions and other data are being called upon simultaneously whenever a page is loaded. To decrease load times, cache your WordPress site.

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Top 10 WordPress Magazine Theme of October 2013

As a Freelance WordPress Designer – Developer, I always work with lots of theme from various theme marketplace. Most of them I have to recommend to my clients which I usually charge for choosing for them. But for my reader I am going to share my choice of best WordPress Magazine them- in fact I will share only top 10 WordPress Magazine Theme till October 2013. I am not going to confuse you by sharing over 30-100 themes in a post. I believe you still gonna be confused in choosing which one to choose 😛 . Because this list will be a very neat hand picked one. Okay let us begin.

Top 10 WordPress Theme of October 2013

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